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Annual Recital Info 2023



Pictures will be done differently this year

Pictures will be held on 5/27/23 at the studio. Schedule will be in the recital packet that we will be handing out in the beginning of May.  

Recital info

When: Wed. May 31 (A&B), Thurs. June 1 (C&D)

To look up exactly what class is in what recital click here

What: Dress Rehearsal, Recital Performance 

Where: Valentine Theater in American Fork

Cost: Recital Fee- $30 per family, Costume- $50-60 per class 

Participation: Optional, but highly recommended

Commonly Ask Questions


What day does my child perform? 

We are using alpha letters, A, B, C, D which can be found at the beginning of the class your child is signed up for.  For instance, if my daughter is in a 4-5 ballet/jazz class on Monday at 5:45 her class would have been listed as:

A Age 4-5 Ballet/Jazz 5:45 PM to 6:30 PM Jun 14, 2021 through Jun 7, 2022  Recital A


What time does my child perform? 

Each show runs about 45 minutes. The first show of the evening (A, C) is between 5-6pm and the second show (B, D) is between 6:15-7:15pm. 


Do you have a Dress Rehearsal? 

Yes! Your dress rehearsal on stage will be the MORNING of your performance. We do it in 10–15 minute increments and your assigned time will be given to you in the recital packet. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory to participate! 


Do I get to keep my costume? 

Yes! The costume will be handed out prior to the recital and must NOT BE WORN until the recital. After that the recital the costume is yours to keep and wear as much as you like! 

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