Performing Companies Information



Dance is a Performing Art. By participating in the performing groups your dancers will be given chance to improve their stage presence, increase confidence, and improve technique. This group will also be a fun friendship building experience and learning to work with others. 


Placement on specific companies will be given based on age, ability, and availability of dancers. Each dancer will make ONE of the following companies when they audition: 

            Rubies: This group is for a beginning dancer aged 6-10 with 0-2 years dance experience. 

            Sapphires: This group is for the beginning to intermediate aged 9-14 with 0-2 years dance experience. 

            Emeralds: This group is for the intermediate to advanced aged 12-16 with 2-4 years dance experience. 

            Diamonds: This group is for the advanced dancer aged 13-16 with 4+ years dance experience. Placement on this company requires a higher level of technique proficiency and skill. 


Company auditions are open to students currently enrolled in at least 1 dance class. Dancers must attend auditions to be considered for company. Auditions will take place on Saturday, August 6th. Parent meeting will be held at 9:30am with check in and registration for dancers at 9:45am. Audition will be from 10:00-11:00am. Participates will be notified of placement by email within 24 hours of audition. 


Auditions will be held in the large studio. Both the large studio and back lobby will be closed to parents. Parents are free to wait in the front lobby and observe on the tv monitors. Auditions will include a warmup, across the floor (kicks, leaps, and turns), center (splits, turns, and special tricks), and small combination of choreography. All steps will be demonstrated in detail during the audition. Participates are NOT REQUIRED to know all the steps prior to audition. 


Dancers should wear a black leotard, solid black short (optional), tan or ballet pink tights, and ballet or jazz shoes. Medium to long hair should be pulled from face in bun or ponytail. Short hair should be clipped back from face. 


Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy reserves the right to audition new students as deemed necessary through end of September 2022. 


Required Training 

With this opportunity to grow through dance, there is a necessary commitment to a team. Although our studio runs as an open enrollment, our companies require a season commitment of August thru July. 


The following classes are required for each company: 

            Rubies: One 1 hour combo class that includes 30 minutes of ballet, and 1 one hour choreography class.


            Sapphires: One 1.25 hour level appropriate ballet class, and one 1 hour choreography class.


            Emeralds: Two 1.5 hour level ballet class (level 2 or higher), and one 1 hour choreography class.


            Diamonds: Three 1.5 hour level ballet class (level 3 or higher) and one 1 hour choreography class.


These required classes will affect the total amount paying for tuition if currently only taking 1 class. For example if dancer makes the Rubies Company tuition will be considered 2 hours (required 1 hour combo class and 1 hour choreography class) of dance a week totaling $78 for monthly tuition. For Sapphires Company tuition will be considered 2.25 hours (required 1.25 hour ballet, 1 hour choreography) of dance a week totaling $85 for monthly tuition. 


Company members will only be allowed to miss THREE choreography classes and THREE regular classes throughout the year without an excuse (doctors note or death in family). Dancers should arrive on time for classes and participate fully. Dancers will NOT be allowed to miss any classes two weeks before the January Production or Recital. 

Company Camp and Performances 

A mandatory one-week camp will take place August 8th-12th. Times will be announced after auditions but will take place in the morning. During this camp

each group with learn one ballet/lyrical dance and one other style (tap, modern, hip hop, jazz) dance. All companies will perform these dances at various events throughout the year and in the Annual Dance Recital in June. 


Each group will also learn 1-3 dances for the January Story Production from September thru January. Lead roles for this production will be selected from company members. 


All performances are mandatory, and dates will be presented in far in advanced as possible. Below are performances planned for the year, but may be adjusted or have additions throughout year: 


September- Highland Health Fair 

October- Library 

November- Stars Basketball Game 

December- Festival of Trees, American Fork Senior Center, AF Chamber Christmas, Stonehenge Care Facility 

January- Production (Jan 26, 27, 28) 

February- AF High School Basketball Game 

March- Stonehenge Care Facility 

May/June- Annual Recital (May 31/June 1), Company End of Year Party 

July- American Forks Got Talent 



Company cost is $300 in addition to the monthly tuition. This fee can be broken down into monthly payments of $25 from August to July if needed. This fee covers the following: 

*two costumes to be used throughout the year, if replacements are needed due to loss or damage extra expense will be necessary. 

*warmups that include pants and jacket 

*costume and rental fees associated with January Story Production 


As mentioned above the Companies will require a higher level of commitment. This means that if at any time you choose to quit a meeting will need to take place between the parents, dancer, and director. There will also be a $150 fee automatically charged upon leaving the company for ANY reason and the remaining balance owed of the $300 charge if on monthly payments. 



All company dancers will be expected to have the correct shoes and tights in good condition for the dances they are involved in at their own expense. Requirements will be based on costume and style of dance. These requirements will be given to the dancers in a note during their choreography classes. You may want to purchase these items (tights and shoes) and save them strictly for performances. Makeup will also be required for performances including foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and eye shadow.


Solos, Duets, or Trios

In order to create a full performance to travel with there may be an additional opportunity to have a solo, duet, or trio. Once companies have begun additional information about these will be sent out. Additional costs will apply for costumes and choreography. This will also be an additional time commitment.