Safety Guidelines and Procedures

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  • Masks will not be worn during dance class. In

        accordance with Governor Herbert’s mask

        mandate PE classes at school are exempt. We

        feel this also pertains to dance class. If you still

        would like to send your dancer with a mask

        that is your choice. 


  • Studios and lobby will be deep cleaned

         thoroughly each night. 


  • Each class will be let out 5 minutes earlier then the current schedule to allow the teachers time to clean between classes. 


Lobby and Hallways 

  • There will be designated doors for entering and exiting the studios. Entrance will be the north side door and exciting will be the south side door. Signs are posted on doors.


  • Parents for dancers in classes’ age 5 and under will be permitted to be in the lobby during dancers class times. Masks will be required while in the lobby and please practice social distancing as much as possible. 


  • Parents and siblings for classes’ age 5 and older WILL NOT BE allowed to hang out in the lobby while dancers are in class. While in the lobby for questions or drop off please wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you have questions while they are in class you can call the office at 801-669-3345.


  • Water fountain will be turned off and not available for use. Dancers will need to bring their own water bottles from home. They will take their water bottles into class with them to avoid extra people in the lobby area. 


  • Dancers are not allowed to hang out in the studio. Once in the building they will need to quickly get on their shoes and place items in cubbies before heading to class.


  • Outside each studio there will be hand sanitizers for use as the dancers come in. They will then place their water bottles in designated area and find a star to stand on in 6ft squares. 



  • Teachers will make sure dancers are getting hand sanitizer on before class. 


  • No hands on corrections will be given only verbal. 


  • Teachers will help maintain distance between students. 


  • During drink break teacher will have one dancer at a time get a drink from their bottles to avoid over crowding around water area.


  •  Stickers will be given to age 8 and younger classes. Teacher will apply hand sanitizer before handing out individual stickers. 




  • We will remind them during class that NO ONE touches or hugs each other during this time.  Please remind dancers of this before class as well. 


  • If your dancer OR anyone in your family is sick DON’T COME to the studio. 


  • Please encourage your dancers to use the restroom and wash their hands BEFORE coming to the studio. Only one bathroom will be available in the lobby for use. 


119 S Pacific Dr Ste 105 American Fork, UT 84003

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