Important Dates


Season June 14, 2021- June 9, 2022


June 14: New Season starts 

July 3: Independence Day, no classes 

July 5: Independence Day, no classes
July 24: Pioneer Day, no classes 

August 5 8:00pm: Parent Meeting Performing Companies 

August 7 9:30am: Performing Company Auditions 

August 9-14: Company practices begin

September 6: Labor Day, no classes 

September 9 8:00pm: Parent Meeting Production Participation 

September 11 9:30am: Production Participation Auditions 

October 11-16: Fall Break (full week), no classes 

October 25-30: Halloween Costume Week 
November 22-27: Thanksgiving Break (full week), no classes

December 13-18: Dance with Dancer Week 
December 20- January 1: Christmas Break (two full weeks), no classes 
January 17: Martin Luther King Day, no classes 

January 27-29: Production Show Dates 
February 21: President’s Day, no classes 

February 25: Recital Opt Out Form Due 

February 28: Costume measurement begins 

March 1: Recital Fee Due, non-refundable

April 4-9: Spring Break, no classes 

April 1: Costume deposit due, non-refundable 

April 18: Costume try on begins 

May 1: Final costume payment due, non-refundable

May 9: Recital packets begin going home 

May 16: Costumes start going home as ready

May 30: Memorial Day, no classes 

June 6, 7, and 8: Annual Dance Recital