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Level Explanation for Classes

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Combo Classes

These are great classes for younger students to explore all the styles of dance offered. They combined a fun movement base with dance basics to help your dancer learn to love dance. 


Level 1 

0-3 years experience 


Our level one is designed for new dancers and those dancers that have had only a few years of dance. It may seem odd to have dancers with no experience mixed with dancers that have danced before, however, the first few years of dance often need lots of repetition before those fundamentals sink into the body.  We want our dancers to have the proper technique in place with the basics before moving them into higher levels were steps become more complex. 


Level 2

3-5 years experience 


Our level two is for dancers that have danced for enough years that the basics are now second nature. At this level they move beyond the basics and start add more complex movements to those basics. Dancers will begin to combine multiple steps together and begin to perfect the art of moving the whole body (arms, legs, and head) as one. 


Level 3

5+ years experience 


Our level three is for dancers that have a better understanding and are more aware of the body. In this level they will continue to add new and difficult steps to those already learned and will add the next level of performing those steps. This level will help them take what they have learned and be able to present it to an audience with grace and beauty. 

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