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Autumn is in the Air

We had a few days of cooler weather and suddenly we could feel Autumn in the air. School is back in session. The unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, has come and gone. Soon it will be Carmel apples, leaves turning red, and Halloween on the way. Summer will be a distant memory. We at Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy are looking forward to the many things we have planned for this fall. We are excited that we have performing companies this year, that is new. And we have some fun new teachers we are excited about.

Check it out:

January Production, Carnival of the Animals

Participation is open to ALL students signed up for a class with us. If your interested in having your dancer perform in this extra performance for the year send us an email letting us know your interested. We will get the production information packet and contract over to you today! Last day to sign up to participate is Sept 13th for ages 6-16 and Sept 20th for ages 3-5. Hope you will join us and participate in this really fun show!

Recital Information Page

To assist you in planning ahead for the recital next June, we have added a new page on the website with some broad information about the when and where of our recital. We will, of course, give you tons more detailed information in the spring when we are preparing for the recital, but we have had some questions so we felt this would be helpful. It is under the Info dropdown.


We have changed our email address for the studio to We have been meaning to change it for awhile now and have finally made that leap (pun intended). We hope you will make note of it, but the other email will still be working for a bit while we transition.

Statements and Autopay

There has been some confusion around statements and autopay. We send out a statement on the 25th of the month letting you know what will be charged. Then on the 1st of the month we run the actual batch to charge your credit card for the month. So if you were going to be charged for October 2021, you would receive a statement on Sept 25th letting you know what will be charged for October, and then on October 1, 2021 you would see the actual charge on your credit card.

We are always glad to hear your feedback and make improvements in our communication so please don't hesitate to let us know what we are doing right, and what we can do better. We love you sharing your fun children with us!

So in a phrase "HAPPY FALL YA'ALL"

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