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Summer Sizzle

The summer is just going so fast, and school is just around the corner so we need to enjoy it to the fullest. We love our summer activities: Swimming, water slides, picnics, and parades. It is time to just spend time with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There are family reunions, camping trips, vacations to fun places. Summer is just such a fun time.

We have made some changes at our studio and are embracing a curriculum that recognizes the whole child. We will endeavor to help your child learn life skills in their dance classes and develop good self esteem. You will see these changes as you sign up and register for a class at the studio.

We are excited about these changes and hope you will find them beneficial to your child.

We also had some fun summer activities:

* Tea with the Queen which we sponsor, was really fun and we enjoyed the shakes from Iceberg. Our very own teacher, Miss Taylee, was one of the attendents.

* Steel Days Parade which we always enjoy, blowing bubbles, dancing and tossing candy. All the kids had a blast! So did we!

* Leaps and Bounds 5 year anniversary! Hard to believe we have been in business that long! We celebrated with the movie LEAP! which we showed at the Towne Center Hub on Main Street. We served cake squares and popcorn and everyone had a good time!

* Auditions for companies were this month, and we had a good group of students come out to audition for a spot. We have 16 students who will be participating in the companies. They will have the opportunity to perform many times, and have solos and duets in the January production, "Seasons".

We have two of our teachers, Miss Reece and Miss Stacie, having birthdays in August. We wanted to share with everyone how fun and unique they are:

Miss Reece is a bubbly, energetic person who loves Cafe Rio and Roxberry. Chicken or Mexican are her favorites. Mango and berries are her favorite fruits, her favorite ice cream treat is raspberry shakes, her favorite cookie is pumpkin chocolate chip. As far as chips go, she will take Barbecue and pickle flavored ones. She likes to shop at Madewell, and loves daisies. Her hobby is dancing and she loves the color pink and a scent that is flowery or vanilla. We love Miss Reece for her unending enthusiasm and fun personality. Her birthday was August 11 so if you missed it wish her a happy belated one.

Miss Stacie loves Costa Vida and Zupas, and she buys her favorite drinks at Swig. Her favorite candy is Sour Patch kids, her favorite fruit is Apples & Bananas, her favorite dessert is Smores, and her favorite cookie is peanut butter. She loves kettle cooked chips and also barbeque chips. Dr. Pepper is her favorite drink. She likes to shop at Target and have breakfast for dinner. Miss Stacie is a fun teacher who works really hard to learn new ways to enrich the students she teaches. She is a very hard worker! Her birthday is August 15, so be sure to wish her a happy one.

Don't forget we have ballet shoes, tap shoes, tights, leotards, and tee shirts for sale. We try to keep the cost down on our merchandise to about Walmart/Target prices to make it convenient for our parents.

Please remember to watch your little ones when they go out the door of the studio. We want them to be safe and not get hit by a car. Also, we would like to remind all the parents to slow down when they are in the parking lot and watch for kids darting out of the studio. We want to keep everyone safe!

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