This summer has definitely sizzled, breaking records that have been around since the early 1900's. It has been as high as 104 so far. With all that heat, we are glad we have a very cool temperature here at the studio for our parents to wait in, and our dancers to take class in.

We are very happy with the response to changing our school to year round, and the positive response of our parents has been heartwarming. We believe that our dancers will benefit greatly from not having a break in their dance training.


It was wonderful to have the Steel Days Parade back to a regular crowd, with floats down mainstreet and beyond. Our dancers came out to support the studio. We had several of our little dancers in our trailer, sporting their Leaps and Bounds Tee Shirts and tossing candy. Amazingly (at least to me) our talented older dancers braved the heat and danced their way through the entire parade. Miss Retta( (thats me :)) managed not to plow any dancers down and all in all we had a lot of fun. Thank you parents for allowing us to have the joy of sharing the parade with our dancers.

Coming up:

Audtions for the Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy performing group are coming up, details below:


Parent Meeting (required to be able to audition) August 5, 2021 at 8pm Audition (placement only, all will make a company) August 7, 2021 starting 9:30am


Participation in extra opportunities to perform throughout the year and different events such as basketball games, senior centers, arts festivals, ect. This includes group and solo dances.

Participation in Fairytale Production in January including opportunities for lead roles.

Participation in Year End Recital in June with extra dance numbers.


Ages 6-18 years old, varied levels and abilities. Audition will determine groups and levels.


Companies run August 2021 to June 2022 (ending after Recital)

Choreography classes for companies will be once a week for 1 hour. Days and times to be determined after Auditions.

Other class requirements based on age and level.


Additional Costs will be associated with the group and will be discussed in detail at parent meeting


Dance is a Performing Art. By participating in the performing groups your dancers will be given chance to improve their stage presence, increase confidence, and improve technique. This group will also be a fun friendship building experience.


We are carrying the following dance merchandise. It is studio quality dance shoes, tights, tap shoes, leotards and other items. We want to make it easy and affordable for our busy parents so they don't have to go searching through several stores. So we price our merchandise at a very reasonable cost. In addition, there are dance people who are familiar with fitting children in dance shoes.

Children Adults


Ballet Shoes $12.00 $15.00

Tap Shoes $15.00

Foot Undies $12.00 $15.00


Ballet Pink $8.00 $10.00

White $8.00 $10.00


Black Tank $14.00 $16.00

Burgundy Short Sleeve $14.00

Pink with attached skirt $14.00

(small sizes only)

(black and burgundy leos can

be done with or without logo at no

additional charge)


Black dance skirt $10.00

Tee Shirt $10.00 $12.00

Studio Temporary Tattoos Free

Car Decals Free

We want to thank all of our amazing teachers, dancers and parents for the way they supported the studio through all of the ups and downs that have been Covid19. Our recital turned out wonderful, and everyone was so helpful with the Covid 19 waivers and having assigned seats. Hopefully by next year recital in June, Covid19 will be in our rearview mirror!

We offer many styles of dance, both for adults and for children. Come join us for a class in Jazz, Hip Hop, Creative, Modern, Tap and Ballet. You won't be disappointed!

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I love spring flowers, they make me happy! I used to pick daffodils and tulips in my grandmas garden. The hyacinth's smelled so good. And the cherry blossoms are spectacular.

Spring is a fun time at Leaps and Bounds Dance as we prepare to show our parents all that our students have accomplished the past year. The dance music and the video for your child's dance is on the parent portal. Please help them practice their dance.

Some items to remember:

Costumes may seem like they are small, but we fit them to the size of your child, and the costume company matches their measurements. Dance costumes are supposed to fit snug, much like a bathing suit fits snug. Dance costumes are sized to be worn for the dance recital, we do not fit them to "grow into".

We have tights for sale for $8.00. The color for your Child's costume tights are in the recital packet. We also have tap shoes for sale for $15.00 and ballet slippers for $12.00. A digital picture package may be purchased for $30.00 before the recital. We will have the forms for the pictures at the front desk. We will not be taking any money for pictures on the day of the recital.

We are sending home costumes as we get them fitted and steamed. Please do not let your child wear their costume prior to the recital. We have made sure that the accessories that go with your child's costume are in the bag we send home. WE DO NOT HAVE EXTRA ACCESSORIES SO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO KEEP TRACK OF THEM.

Recital Packets are going home this week with the oldest child, so if you have more than one student in the school, check with your oldest child. The recital packet is also online, in the parent portal if you would prefer to have the electronic version. It will give you all the information you need for pictures, rehearsal.

We are starting year round dance on June 14, 2021 and the season will go until July 23, 2022. We are excited to be going year round, and we feel it will be a great asset to our dancers not to lose so much ground over the summer. You can sign up now, and classes are filling quickly so the sooner you sign your child up, the better chance you will have of getting the class you want.

We want to thank everyone for coming in and signing the waiver while you got your tickets. This was a COVID19 policy item from Valentine Theater. We really appreciate the parents understanding. We have the most awesome parents! Hopefully by next year's performances we will be able to go back to open seating.

Meghan Stewart and Lauren Johnson will be leaving us as teachers. They are both moving out of the area. We will miss them both, they have been such great teachers. Congratulations to Meghan on the birth of her baby boy! We have hired some awesome new teachers that will start on

June 14, 2021 that are excellent at the disciplines they teach. We think our students will really love them.

Thanks to our parents who were willing, on very short notice, to participate in performing at the American Fork Chamber of Commerce 75th anniversary. They were delightful, and did such a good job! We are so proud of our students.


Performing group auditions will be held and we will put together opportunities for the Performing group to show their talents. Look for upcoming details in the months ahead.

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How many of us didn't want to find that Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow when we were kids and believed it was real? I know I did! And catching a leprechaun was the next best thing. Traditions are so fun, and in this crazy time our traditions help us stay sane and have some fun. One of our very favorite traditions at the studio is coming up...our Annual Recital. Our dancers have already started to learn their dances, and we have been purchasing costumes for our third annual (can you believe it? Yes, 3rd) recital here at Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy. To help you prepare for the recital here are some highlights:

* Dates are June 1st and 2nd for photos, dress rehearsal and recital...Recital Packet will contain all

relevant information and will be passed out the first week in May.

* Parents signed up for the date they wanted when they registered for classes so you should

already know which recital number you have and what that date is

* Recital will be held at the Valentine Theater, 893 East 9th North, American Fork, UT. 84003

*. Mid March the dance music for your students dance will be added to the parent portal, and the

video will be added Mid April to help them practice their dance and be prepared to be amazing,

as we KNOW they will be

* Recital non participation form due has passed, so costume and recital fees are now

non refundable

* Remainder of costume fee will be charged in April so plan on that with your tuition


Starting in July 2021 we are taking our school to a new year round format. Registration is now open for the Jun 14, 2021 through July 23, 2022 year. Classes are available to register online on the parent portal or at our front office during business hours. We are excited to go year round and believe it will be a great benefit to our students to continue their dance education throughout the entire year. Starting next year we will be auditioning for a performing company that will have performance opportunities throughout the year at things like Festival of Trees, etc.

There will be a modest increase in tuition starting with Jun 14 classes. But there is an early bird special you can take advantage of. If you sign up for class by April 15 and pay for July 2021, you will receive Jun 2021 for free. Also if you sign up for classes by March 7, 2021 you can lock in this year tuition prices for next year.

A Couple of Reminders

We have open enrollment all the time so your child can start taking whenever they decide they want to, even if it is in the middle of the year. As a studio who does not charge registration fees in order to save our parents money, we request that you give us 30 days notice when you intend to quit so that we can fill that spot with another dancer.

It is our goal as a studio to have every dancer be able to participate quality dance. As a way to facilitate that we keep our costume fees as low as we can. Where many other studios charge anywhere from $80 to $120 a costume, we charge $45 to $55. We do this by watching out for the best price we can get on costumes. Once we have established a child is going to participate in the recital we have purchased a costume for them. We are unable at that point to waive the cost of the costume if your child decides not to participate. Just a reminder that we do not refund costume or recital fees.

Ok, now for the fun stuff! If you read this whole blog and got to this point come and tell us "The Leprechaun made me do it" and we will give you a $5 credit toward any purchase of dance wear including tights, shoes, leotards, teeshirts and dance shorts.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all our awesome parents and great students!

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