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Introduction and Pass Off Week Dates

Introduction week will introduce your child to the studio, their teacher, their class, and the way we do things here at Leaps and Bounds. It’s a really fun week with your dancer receiving a gift and starting their dance journey. 


Pass off weeks includes reviewing all the steps your dancer has learned and seeing their progress. If dancers check off all items they will be eligible to move up to the next class and level.


Introduction week: Jan 8-13, 2024

Introduction Week: Feb 19-23, 2024

Campfire pass off week: March 25-30, 2024


Introduction week: April 8-13, 2024

Introduction Week: May 20-25, 2024

Campfire pass off week: June 24-29, 2024


Introduction week: July 1-6, 2024

Introduction week: August 19-24

Campfire pass off week: September 23-28, 2024


Introduction week: October 1-7, 2024

Introduction Week: Nov 18- 23, 2024

Campfire pass off week: Dec 16-21, 2024

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