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Nicole Davidas

Nicole began training at the Utah Dance Arts Center in Sandy, Utah under Christy McQuaid (2001-2013). She trained in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz with many other great teachers such as Dayna Marshall, now retired, a professional dancer with The Odyssey Dance Company. She then went on to pursue her education at the University of Utah after receiving a scholarship to the school for ballet. Graduating with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Ballet with an emphasis in teaching, she had extensive classes in pedagogy, kinesiology, nutrition, music for dancers, child development and psychology, and choreography. She also had many performing opportunities such as Coppelia, Via Con Me, Bayadere Act II, and other student choreographed pieces (2013-2018). While studying at university, Nicole was also able to choreograph, produce, design costumes, and create the stage lighting and backdrop of her own piece, “Dust Settles”. Nicole found a true love and passion for teaching and choreographing. She enjoys helping students receive training that will help keep her dancer’s bodies young, healthy, and educated. Nicole believes in creating “critical-thinking dancers”, as well as helping students to find their own passion for ballet.
Nicole has been teaching ballet for 7 years now, starting in university and throughout college. Upon graduating Nicole felt the desire to travel and explore what the rest of the world had to offer with dance, so she packed up and left for China to teach English and Ballet for five months (2017). There Nicole fell in love with the culture, food, and people; learning many important things as a teacher that have served her well in her classes and interactions with student’s. It was in China where she realized ballet truly is a universal language. After returning to Utah for a few years, and teaching ballet again, the itch to travel returned. Nicole packed up once again to live in South Korea, where she taught English for a year (2019-2020). Many new things were learned and added to her knowledge as a teacher. Through all her travels and different experiences, one thing has remained clear to Nicole, her love of teaching ballet. Nicole is dedicated to her students’ success and continues to push her student’s to be the best they can be, utilizing as much of the education she has received from university, traveling, and experiences learned from teaching.

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