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April Showers Bring Beautiful May Flowers

Welcome to warm, sunny May (we hope!) It may be cold snowy May with the tulips peeking through, but we love May anyway. May is the month right next to recital. We are so excited that our first annual recital is coming. I have been watching these little girls try on costumes last week and look so adorable, that I can't wait!

Here are items to note:

Costumes will go home the week of May 20, and they SHOULD NOT be worn before the recital. After that they can have fun with their costumes, and put them on to perform for you at home anytime their cute little hearts desire. They even have their music out on the parent portal for later performances for mom, dad, brothers, sisters, relatives, the next door neighbor and the cat and dog. :)

The recital will be held at the Valentine Theater, 893 East 9th North, American Fork, UT on Saturday, June 15, 2019. Pictures and the rehearsal will be held that day as well. Remember that rehearsal is mandatory, and that we very much want your child to be a part of the group photo even if you do not want to purchase pictures. We plan on posting those group pictures in our studio to celebrate our awesome students with the world.

We will be handing out a parent recital packet this week, May 6 thru May 10. The parent recital packet is also on our website if you prefer it that way. If your child can't be in class for some reason you may want to stop by and pick this up. It is full to the brim with information, tips, and times. You will want to read through it at least once and then you will be a dance mom pro!

The last page of the recital packet is a form that you will fill out and turn in if you wish to purchase pictures. The form and your payment are due before June 6. You can turn your form in at the desk, and pay either through the parent portal or at the front desk. We will not be taking orders, or money at the photo shoot. We have a professional photographer who has won many awards, and is really good with kids who will take the dance pictures.

We are selling high quality dance tights at the studio for $8.00. You may want to purchase a pair to go along with your child's costume. They are at the studio's cost, so it is an awesome deal. They can be purchased from our Office Manager at the front desk. We have a wide variety of sizes in both Ballet Pink, and White. Look in your recital packet for the color your child will be wearing with their costume.

We will post our Fall Schedule in the coming week or so, look for it! We are hoping to be able to grow in our second year and toward that end we will be adding on a number of different classes. Our $10.00 referral bonus will apply to anyone who refers a new student AND they sign up for class.

Also, there are still openings in summer classes and camps. Your child can keep up their dance skills all summer long, plus have some fun doing it. Keeping the kids busy during the summer keeps them from getting bored and helps mom get a break :)

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