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Burn Bright

2020 was a long hard year, with lots of challenges. We had Covid19, an earthquake, a historic windstorm, a Presidential Election, and several other not so fun things. But we perservered, there is a vaccine coming and now we can burn bright this year and embrace a new normal. We here at Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy will continue to be proactive with Covid protocols and keep your children safe.

Things to note:

Recital fee of $30 will be due by Feb 1

If you do not want to do the recital you will need to fill out a form and bring it to us. If you are planning on doing the recital you do not need to do anything. We are looking forward with excitement to our 3rd Annual Recital.

Referral Discount - if you refer someone and they sign up and take for 3 months, you receive one month free for your child.

Congratulations to our studio! Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy won Business of the Month for American Fork in December 2020. We are so proud of our owner Katie Collier!

Just a reminder, we carry leotards, tights, dance shoes, dance shorts as well as Leaps and Bounds Teeshirts. We try to keep our prices just below the local stores, and they are much better quality.

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