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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love everything about Christmas. The colors, the decorations, the feel of the snow in the air, the music and family around you, celebrating our togetherness!

Whatever annual holiday you celebrate whether it is Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Santa Lucia Day, St Nicolas Eve, Boxing Day, or Christmas, these holidays at their heart are all about family and friends gathering together, and giving the gift of love and light. This is a time when we want to reach out to those less fortunate and give a helping hand.

Here at Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy we want to celebrate that time with you. We want to reach out to those in need, and we do this through having out "Dance with your Dancer Week" where you come and dance with your child and the cost of tuition is cans and packages of food, toilet paper, paper towel, and cash donations if you would like. We will be taking these at the end of our "Dance with Your Dancer Week" to Tabitha's Way, a local food bank that assists those having difficulties. So please be generous with your donations and enjoy taking class with your child.

We wanted to remind you that if you know someone who would love the Gift of Dance this Christmas we have you covered. Just go on our website and sign up for our Christmas Bag. The bag contains a pair of tights, a pair of ballet slippers and a certificate for a month of dance for $60.00. The gift will be individually delivered to you home on December 20th. So we can get them ready to deliver the bag must be purchased by December 15th. It makes a great gift!

We observe the Alpine School District calendar for the Christmas Holidays, so we will be closed on December 18, 2022 and reopen on January 3, 2023. We know some people express reservations about paying for a month of tuition when we close for two weeks in December, but it all works out to the same amount per month over the course of a year, because there are extra weeks in other months. But if you feel you would like to, you can certainly have your child do a makeup class in any class that is in their age group.


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