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Movement Through Play 
Age 2-5 Explore

Your little one's world is a cozy nest, but their curious spirit craves adventure! Our dance classes become a vibrant playground, an extension of their playful world. Filled with laughter and joy, these classes offer a chance to explore exciting ways to move and interact with the world.

Imagine their face lighting up as they imitate their friendly dance teacher, skipping, twirling, and leaping with newfound coordination. Every step is a thrilling journey of discovery, unlocking their inner dancer and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they'll make lifelong friends in a warm, supportive environment! Join us and watch your tiny dancer transform into a confident, joyful explorer!


Ready to start your dance journey?

The Leaps and Bounds Difference

Super Smart

Learning dance routines is like a secret brainpower boost! They'll be remembering steps and patterns with ease, feeling proud of their growing memory and concentration.

Musical Masters

Through dance, toddlers develop a natural feel for rhythm. They'll move their bodies to the beat, feeling the joy of music and setting the stage for future musicality.

Social Butterflies

Dance class turns into a friend zone! They'll learn to take turns, cooperate, and build friendships, feeling happy and connected as they socialize with other little movers and shakers.

Coordination Champions

As they move and groove, they'll feel their bodies becoming more coordinated and balanced. No more wobbly steps – they'll be mastering those twirls and jumps with confidence!

Tiny Regulators in Training

 Dance helps toddlers manage their big emotions! Focusing on mastering moves will build their concentration, while expressing themselves through movement helps them understand their feelings. This sets them up to be emotional rockstars as they grow.

Body Aware and Awesome

Dance gets toddlers in tune with their bodies. They'll feel a sense of accomplishment as they learn about spatial awareness, how their bodies move, and what they can do. This body awareness helps them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Discovery the difference for yourself 

"Fun friendly atmosphere. Great dance instructors."
-Kathy Diether

How our year round open enrollment works:

  • Join anytime: No waiting for a new year, sign up whenever you're ready!

  • Start strong: New dancers begin during introduction weeks for a smooth transition.

  • Simple monthly billing: Once a month autopay  with predictable billing.

  • Dance Schedule, Simplified: A consistent schedule year-round, making it easy to plan your dance journey without interruptions.




Click on enroll and create an account

Add your dancers info and pick a class


Add card for autopay and pay registration fee

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100% Happiness Guarantee

Worry free enrollment! Try us risk-free. After 4 classes, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll remove you from autopay with no further obligation. 

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