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Building Your Basics 
Age 5-9 Essentials

At 5-9, your child's world explodes with color! Our dance classes become a nurturing haven where their sense of self blossoms into radiant confidence. We celebrate their strengths, transforming playful movements into moves with style and grace. Their coordination flourishes as they learn new steps and routines, eager to share their newfound skills with family and friends.

But dance isn't just about individual growth. Our studios become vibrant hives of friendship. We encourage fair play and sharing, fostering a positive and enriching environment where your child can interact with peers and teachers, learning the importance of love and kindness. Join us and watch your little bud blossom into a confident, kind, and joyful dancer, ready to take on the world!


Ready to start your dance journey?

The Leaps and Bounds Difference

Memory Muscles Get Pumped

Learning routines transforms into a brainpower adventure. They'll focus with laser intensity, feeling a surge of accomplishment as they master intricate sequences and steps. Their memory muscles will be firing on all cylinders, ready to tackle any challenge that life throws their way.

Body Love Blooms

Dance classes become a celebration of movement! As kids explore their bodies' potential through self-expression, a positive body image starts to blossom. They'll discover a newfound appreciation for what their bodies can do, fostering confidence and a sense of self-acceptance that shines brightly from within.

Discipline Becomes Their Superpower

Practice sessions transform into mini-boot camps of perseverance. With each repetition, their determination muscles get stronger as they work towards mastering new moves and achieving their goals. Discipline becomes a superpower, equipping them to overcome challenges on and off the dance floor, reaching for the stars with every step.

Social Butterflies Take Flight

 Dance studios become hives for social butterflies! They'll make new friends, feeling a warm sense of connection and belonging as they interact with their peers. Collaboration and communication become second nature as they learn to celebrate each other's successes, building strong social skills that will benefit them for life.

Emotions Find Their Voice

Dance becomes a safe space to express a kaleidoscope of emotions. Whether it's joy, frustration, or excitement, movement becomes their language. As they express themselves through dance, they'll gain a deeper understanding of their feelings, promoting emotional well-being and a sense of inner peace.

Creative Confidence Takes Center Stage

Dance ignites a creative fire! Experimenting with movements and exploring different styles allows them to express themselves in unique ways. They'll feel a sense of ownership and pride as they develop their own signature dance vocabulary, letting their creativity take center stage.

Discovery the difference for yourself 

"Leaps and Bounds teaches your kids not only how to dance, but how to dedicate themselves to a discipline."
-Quincy Fowler

How our year round open enrollment works:

  • Join anytime: No waiting for a new year, sign up whenever you're ready!

  • Start strong: New dancers begin during introduction weeks for a smooth transition.

  • Simple monthly billing: Once a month autopay  with predictable billing.

  • Dance Schedule, Simplified: A consistent schedule year-round, making it easy to plan your dance journey without interruptions.




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100% Happiness Guarantee

Worry free enrollment! Try us risk-free. After 4 classes, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll remove you from autopay with no further obligation. 

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