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Expand Your Skills 
Age 9-12 Express

At 9-12, those first dance steps transform into something magical! Our enhanced lessons become exciting playgrounds, challenging their growing skills and igniting a passion for dance. Our teachers become their biggest fans, helping them discover their limits and celebrate their unique strengths. Because let's face it, even superstars have moments of doubt. But in our studio, discouragement is replaced by encouragement. We'll be there to build their confidence, reminding them of the amazing dancer they truly are – one dazzling move at a time!


Ready to start your dance journey?

The Leaps and Bounds Difference

Find Your Dance Groove

Step into a world of possibilities! Explore a variety of styles, from the graceful flow of ballet to the electrifying energy of hip-hop. As a beginning or an advanced dancer we have your class! 

Embrace Growth Mindset

You'll shift your focus from fearing missteps to savoring the journey of learning. This newfound resilience will fuel your passion for dance, keeping you motivated and excited to explore new heights.

Way to a Healthier You

Feel the power of movement! Dance strengthens your heart, builds muscle, and improves your flexibility. It's a fantastic way to manage weight and feel energized throughout the day. 

Studio Challenges

 Ready to push your limits? Our studio challenges are designed to take you outside your comfort zone, in the best way possible! With achievable goals in sight, you'll cultivate confidence, ignite your creativity, and hone your technical skills.

Move to the Music 

As you interpret music with movement, you'll refine your sense of rhythm and discover a deeper connection to the emotional core of the music. It's no longer just background noise; it becomes a guiding force that elevates your performance.

A Sense of Belonging

Feel the warmth of belonging in our collaborative atmosphere. Dance isn't just about individual achievements; it's about a supportive community. Learn from your peers, find mentors who inspire you, and celebrate each other's successes. 

Discovery the difference for yourself 

"I would recommend this studio to everyone that wants a positive dance experience!"
-Jessica Berry

How our year round open enrollment works:

  • Join anytime: No waiting for a new year, sign up whenever you're ready!

  • Start strong: New dancers begin during introduction weeks for a smooth transition.

  • Simple monthly billing: Once a month autopay  with predictable billing.

  • Dance Schedule, Simplified: A consistent schedule year-round, making it easy to plan your dance journey without interruptions.




Click on enroll and create an account

Add your dancers info and pick a class


Add card for autopay and pay registration fee

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100% Happiness Guarantee

Worry free enrollment! Try us risk-free. After 4 classes, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll remove you from autopay with no further obligation. 

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