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How do I choose the best dance style for my child?


Your dancer will discover a hidden strength and precision within themself as they master this beautiful and demanding dance form. Ballet builds a strong foundation for many styles, making it a perfect starting point for anyone, regardless of gender. Imagine the satisfaction of achieving those graceful movements and the confidence they'll gain along the way!



Your dancers will love the infectious rhythm and energy of tap dance! It's perfect for kids who love to move and express themselves creatively. Even beginners can quickly grasp the basic steps, and tap allows them to develop their own unique style. Whether dancing as a group or solo, tap is a fantastic way to keep energetic kids active, improve their coordination, and have a blast


Modern dance, also known as contemporary dance, is a journey of self-discovery through movement! Your dancers will learn to use their bodies, the space around them, and powerful emotions to tell a story or express an idea. While modern dance can be performed in groups, it truly shines as a platform for individual expression, allowing them to explore their creativity and move beyond the limitations of perfect synchronization.



Get ready for big moves, electrifying energy, and tons of fun with jazz dance! It's the perfect outlet for outgoing kids who love to take center stage and express themselves. While improvisation is a key element of jazz, your dancers will also develop strong technical skills over time. Many dancers build a foundation in ballet before moving to jazz, but beginners are absolutely welcome to jump right in and experience the joy of this dynamic dance style!


Acro dance is the ultimate fusion of grace and power! This exciting style combines beautiful dance movements with impressive acrobatic feats like flips, balances, and contortions. Your dancers will develop incredible strength, flexibility, and balance as they master this challenging art form. Acro can be enjoyed solo or in a group setting, and it incorporates elements from various dance styles. The true magic lies in the seamless blend of acrobatics and dance, allowing your dancers to express themselves through a unique and captivating performance!



Hip-hop dance is where freestyle meets pure fun! Your dancers will learn awesome moves they can use to create their own routines, like inventing their own signature moves to their favorite music. This free-flowing style allows them to express themselves creatively without getting bogged down by strict rules. It's a fantastic way to build confidence, make new friends, and break a sweat while grooving to the music they love!

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