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Dance with Heart

February is the month of love, and there is nothing we love more than dancing. We love teaching our students to dance with heart, and reach for the best in themselves. We love watching our students dancing with the joy that comes from loving dance at heart.

Here are the highlights:

Our annual recital is coming up in June 1 and 2, and February is that happy month when we begin getting ready for the production. Toward that goal we have been taking measurements, getting music chosen and our teachers have begun to teach the recital dance. This is a good time to make sure that your little dancers make it to every class, as they will need to be able to get the steps learned.

We charged the recital fee of $30.00 in February, and will charged $20.00 in March for a costume deposit. In April we will charge the remainder of the costume fee of either $25 (younger combo classes) or $35 (Older level classes). We do this to help our outstanding parents in the budget department, as we know there can be a lot of expenses with our kids.

Just a reminder, a new leotard, new shoes or new tights makes a nice gift for your cute little Valentine. We have all the dance wear you need! Quality products at a discounted price to keep it easer for you to keep your little dancer with what he or she needs. We also have a small quantity of tap shoes in some sizes, so if you need a pair of tap shoes come see us and we may have your size.

We hope you have a happy heart month, and that the cupid visits you with lots of heart shaped chocolate, and flowers. Perhaps even take your sweetheart dancing!

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