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Hope, Joy and a Brighter Future

This has been a difficult year for many families and I know I am wishing Hope, Joy and a Brighter future for the many friends and dance families who are struggling. We are not doing our Dance With your Dancer week due to Covid restrictions, and we are all missing the joy and fun that brings to the studio. But there is a greater need than ever before to offer our neighbors and those we don't know a hand up in this time of hardship. Even though we are not doing Dance with Your Dancer, we are still taking donations for Tabitha's Way, a local food bank. Please drop by some packaged or canned food goods or some paper products such as toilet paper. Every little bit helps, and someone is here Monday to Thursday from about 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM to accept the donations in the front lobby. We are grateful for however you can assist.

Christmas break for Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy will be from Monday, Dec 21, 2020 through Sunday, Jan 3, 2021. Classes will resume on Monday, Jan 4, 2021. We hope you have a safe, and wonderful Christmas Season even though we know there are many restrictions in place. This has, I think, made us all more aware of the memories of many past happy Holiday Seasons' when we could congregate with with our friends and families. Maybe we don't know what we love or have until we don't have it!

A reminder that we still have the "Give the Gift of Dance" available until Dec 15, 2020. It is $55 and comes with tights, a pair of dance shoes and a certificate for a month of dance in a cute pink sheer bag. It is for new students only, and we have made it Covid friendly. You may go out to our website and fill out a form, pay with a credit card and we will be delivering these to your home on Dec 19, 2020. No need to go out to the store, just log on to our website. What little girl wouldn't love a gift of dance for the new year?

The first week of January we are offering a free week of dance to anyone who isn't currently enrolled in Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy. Come try a Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Jazz or Modern class. Then sign up with us and our awesome teachers!

And last but not least, remember: If you refer someone to our dance studio, and they sign up and stay three months you will receive a free month of dance for your child. What an awesome deal!!!

Merry Christmas

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