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Merry Christmas

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This month has been so busy, we are a little late getting our blog out. We have had a fun December so far. There has been Polar Express Day and this week many moms are joining their children in dance class for Parents Week. It has been really fun to see all the parents come, and the only cost was some cans of food for the charity Tabitha's way.

There is still time to give the gift of dance to someone you know who is not currently taking dance. For $55 the gift bag contains ballet slippers, tights and a certificate for a month of dance. This is for new students, so maybe you know someone who would love the gift of dance for Christmas.

We have some incredibly talented dancers, and we just had several of them move to being "On Point". They got to go get their point shoes, and then learn how to sew their ribbons themselves and how to tie the ribbons as well. This is a right of passage for ballerina's as they move up through the ranks of learning to dance "en pointe". We are very proud of them!

Christmas break is coming up soon, we will be closing December 21, 2019 and when we come back on Jan 6 we will officially be in 2020 and it is back to the Barr. We love our students and wish you and your parents a very happy holiday season. Go eat too many cookies, sing your hearts out, do some helping of others, and share what you have with those who don't.

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