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Pot of Gold

Wouldn’t it be cool to get to the end of the rainbow and find a Pot of Gold? As kids we probably all dreamed of that. At Leaps and Bounds Dance Academy your children are our Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, and are precious to us.

Because they are so precious to us, this coronavirus really makes us nervous. This is totally unprecedented in the history of the 66 plus years I have been around! I am sure that it is making us all on edge. With that in mind we have carefully considered the following:

1) Per Governor Herberts direction to close all UTAH schools for two weeks we made the decision to close the studio for two weeks. As the situation progresses we may need to extend that. The truth is right now we just don’t know. We are as in the dark as anyone is at this point in time, but again, we want to keep our students and staff safe.

2) We are exploring options about holding makeup classes, moving the recital, and what to do as we go forward. Currently it is our plan NOT to run April tuition IF we have to extend the studio close. We look forward to our recital as much as you do, so even if we have to push it out a little while we still plan to hold it. As we become aware of more information we will keep you informed. In the meantime please stay safe and healthy!!

3) To help our little dancers stay in tip top shape there are the “Technique Tuesday’s“ videos on the website. Miss Katie will also be adding some videos of steps and exercises so you can work with your child on at home learning. She will also have the recital videos on your parent portals for your child to practice. None of these will have any cost to you, they are just to help.

However, at Leaps and Bounds Academy we believe that dance instruction is a hands on experience so that the teacher can watch and correct any form. Having classes that you pay for and the child do online does not fit that criteria, so we will not be doing that.

4) It is, and always will be, our studio’s policy to put the children first and give direct, prompt communication to our parents. If you have questions please reach out to us and we will try to help you navigate this difficult time. Know that we are always motivated by a desire to be a good community citizen as a business and welcome feedback that is considerate in the way it is given.

Again we thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to educate your children in the artistic endeavors we all love. We feel blessed and privileged to be able to be a business in American Fork and to have your business at our studio!

Now if we could all just get a peek at that pesky Leprechaun🍀😊

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