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Hard to believe in this year of craziness that we are almost at the end of 2020. The time just changed and we are all getting used to it being darker earlier in the afternoon for sure. Still, even though it has been a really hard year full of lots of challenges, we still have a lot of things to be thankful for. It seems to me that in a year that has brought hard times, people are reaching out to each other with caring concern and a desire to help more than they ever have.

I watched a news story the other night that was just one such example. A little boy sent a "Baby Yoda" toy and a touching note of thanks to the firefighters in California battling the blazes. The firefighters took pride in taking turns carrying the toy, and took pictures of the each other carrying this "Baby Yoda" to different locations where they were fighting the fire. It has deeply touched me that most of the kindness I have seen in this world of craziness this year has come from children. They see a need and they want to help, and almost every night on the "good news tonight" segment there is a child or children making a difference. Us adults could take an example from these children and their generous hearts.

Those who are fighting Covid19 or a job loss from the pandemic, or financial circumstances because of other factors such as a natural disaster are definitely having a struggle. But I have heard about and seen many, many situations where others have reached out with a hand up or a word of encouragement. Even in our little corner of the world, people have been kind and continued to come to the studio, understanding we are trying our best to create a safe space and a continued opportunity to offer children the experience of dance. We are very grateful for the parents and students who allow us to share their journey with them.

Misc Reminders:

We will be doing our annual "Dance With Your Dancer" the week of December 7-12, 2020. We want to advertise this early so that we get lots of donations to help out those who are struggling. The cost to dance with your dancer is a donation of food or paper goods that will go to Tabitha's Way, a local food bank. We hope to have many donations so plan on dancing with your child and making a donation. It is fun too, to take a class with your dancer, even if you are a klutz like this grandma. :)

We are continuing to take precautions to make sure our studio stays Covid19 free. With that in mind, please remember to wear a mask if you sit in the studio, and practice social distancing. We have not had any Covid19 scares at the studio, and we want to keep it that way, thanks! We continue to sanitize our studios after each class as well as taking other measures. We have a video on the website detailing the steps we take to keep our dancers safe, so check it out.

There will be no dance classes Wednesday, November 25, 2020 and Thursday, November 26, 2020 so that you can spend time with your families for Thanksgiving. We will be back to classes on Monday, November 30, 2020. And then we will be on to the Christmas fun!

We are offering the "Gift of Dance" for Christmas again. It is a gift bag with shoes, tights, a certificate for a month of dance for $55. This for new students ONLY. So if you know someone who would love the gift of dance for Christmas, stop by and fill out a form with sizes and the Childs name etc. and pay the $55.00 for the gift. We will have it ready and deliver it to your home in time for Santa (or grandma) to put it under the Christmas Tree.

We love sharing the gift of dance with anyone who has not taken at our studio! And it makes a perfect gift for someone who might like to begin dance.

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